I am an explorer, a photographer, and a creative individual with a fierce passion for capturing the natural world on camera. My love of the wilderness began when I was living in the United States, roaming around its many national parks and feeling at home surrounded by those environments. I moved to Italy and began traveling alone to some of the most striking locations in Northern Europe, and by doing that, I kept growing both as a human being and as a photographer. My travels also afforded me the opportunity to meet other talented photographers. While I was shooting in Iceland, I realized my purpose in life is to show, with the imagery in my photographs, how important the Earth is for human beings and how we should enjoy and treat it. I’m also driven by telling my stories through photographs and inspiring others to go out into the world and explore for themselves. Using social media, I am able to share my message and my vision of these wild places, and I’m able to document the experiences and struggles I deal with when I am traveling. My photos focus mainly on landscapes, and also commercial photography for outdoor sports like climbing, mountaineering, hiking, skiing, canoeing, slacklining, skyrunning, yoga and more. I capture the moments of my life, and by doing so, I make them timeless. These photographs are telling an extraordinary story—a story about the world—to the people who live in it.



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